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We Make a Splash, While Your Competition is Still Learning to Swim.

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Our approach to marketing is holistic. Translate: for financial advisors to achieve maximum impact online, they need to communicate with their prospective clients continually and strategically across multiple channels and devices — through a mixture of a strong web presence, SEO, Paid Advertisement , Social Media, Events, PR and Content. We call this the Hook of Fishing, a never-ending succession of potential touchpoints between advisors and their prospective clients.

In the Hook of Fishing, client transactions are less events, more journeys. Our role is to help advisors accompany their clients on these journeys, as they unfold, ensuring they deliver the right message at the right time. The result? When the journeys do come to an end, your clients are hooked.

There are a lot of pain points in financial services marketing. And we understand them.

  • Technology is evolving and you want to leverage new channels and opportunities — but you need to preserve your customer service, as well as keep up with the times. 
  • Competition is fierce and you need to make the best use of your budget — but the ROI of marketing activities can be difficult to measure.
  • The digital space is vast and complex — but you need to position yourself correctly and shout about your business.
  • You want to increase brand awareness — but you struggle to stand out and engage with your target audience.


Your brand is so much more than your name your brand reflects what you stand for and sets you apart from your competition. That’s why we work to create and maintain consistent branding throughout all aspects of your print and digital marketing materials, ensuring you send the right message at the right time. We develop brands to display personality and promises delivered.

In your busy schedule, it can be hard to sit down and plan and search for events that you could network your business and plan events for your business. Blue fish is an expert in all things planning and organizing to deliver fun events that your clients will love!

digital marketing & social media.

Inbound marketing is about driving more engaged, qualified leads to your business through email marketing, social media, and blogging. Our digital marketing strategies help you generate better returns with less effort and resources.

Social media and marketing go hand in hand together, and keeping up with today’s latest trends on instagram or facebook can be time consuming. With BlueFish, we can manage and create inviting and interesting content that is eye-catching to keep your followers interested and engaged with your page

In a world where virtually everyone uses a computer or a smartphone on a regular basis, it makes sense to target prospects where they are. That’s why no strong marketing strategy today neglects the power of the Internet. Financial advisors need professionally designed, responsive web design to increase visibility online, as well as strategic search marketing via SEO and PPC to draw more visitors to their sites.

website design.

Your website works for you 24 hours a day and is the most effective way to market your business. It acts as your first chance to make a good impression and create leads. Financial advisors spend their time digging through research, sitting in meetings, fielding calls, attending seminars — just to stay ahead of the market. You want your clients to know you are making wise decisions on their behalf. A well-thought-out website design lightens your load and enlightens your investors quickly and easily. You could build a simple website and drop a blog post on it now and then, but your clients and your reputation would be better served by investing in a prestigious financial advisor web design agency.

what we do.


At Bluefish, we’re all about storytelling. Storytelling gives advisors an edge that their competition may not have. We know that each advisor has their own story, so we want to help you effectively communicate yours to your clients.

relationship management.

We maintain consistent contact with you ensuring your strategy is implemented effectively. We are liaisons between your employees and the Marketing Services Team so every aspect of your project is successfully completed and delivered in a timely fashion.

mail marketing

Both direct mail and email marketing can help attract clients, at least when they’re done strategically, and backed by research and data. By working with a professional financial advisor marketing firm, an advisor gains a leg up on the competition and can better target prospects with relevant content that converts.

seminars & events.

We provide turn-key seminar marketing to put you in front of a room full of prospects. Our systems include pre- and post- presentation tools designed to help you set more appointments and close sales efficiently. Face-to-face networking is still valuable, especially for advisors who target a specific geographic area such as a town or county. Whether it’s by sponsoring a local charity event, hosting a block party or getting involved with some other creative endeavor, advisors can spread the word about their services through community gatherings. To make the most of these events, they’ll want branded business cards and marketing materials to offer prospects when they connect.

content marketing.

Content is the key to achieving long lasting online visibility, credibility and engagement. Strong, professional content — both online and offline — can not only help an advisor to build a reputation but it also drives the art of converting prospects into customers and customers into loyal ambassadors for the advisor. . We understand that need for ongoing education, especially in the financial services space. That is why we help you by planning, creating, sharing and promoting relevant content that builds professional awareness. Done weill and delivered successfully content will help increase your websites search visibility and grow your digital footprint.


Having a website without SEO is an important way to seperate your from the thousands of other financial advisors in your area. At Bluefish we take a systematic approach to helping your brand rank for the keywords that you care most about. There are many ways that we help advisors enhance their SEO; Pais advertising (Pay-Per_Click, or PPC Ads), Local Map Pack, Organic Listings, Featured Snippets, Answer Boxes, Technical SEO, On Page SEO and Local SEO.

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