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who are we?

Your practice is unique so it is essential in the big ocean out there for Financial Advisors you that you become agile to stand out from the big sea of other advisors! That’s where BlueFishFish can help.

We’re a team of experienced creatives with knowledge in both marketing and financial advising. At Bluefish, we respect the amount of time, money, and effort small businesses have available to develop a successful brand. We know that financial advisors have a lot on their plates, which is why we can help handle the marketing. We put in the time and effort to tackle the unique needs of every advisor and explore the marketing strategies that will work best for you. At Bluefish, we value our relationships with our clients and we want to help you develop a personalized marketing plan unique to you as an advisor.

our values.

Fueled By Curiosity & Grounded by Strategy.



We love what we do and our passion drives creativity and innovation. Because of this are dedicated to building lasting relationships and successful business partnerships with all of our clients.


Trust is our prerequisite for everything we do. We are successful because we are adaptable, considerate, open and honest with everyone of our partners and clients.


Collaboration is what makes ideas sticky, it drives curiosity and innovation and inspires a sense of productivity and community.


We are open and accountable with a commitment to inspire, engage and energize the ideas that shape business growth. We value creativity, innovative ideas and fresh, forward thinking.

how we work.

We understand that emotion connects brands with consumers by resonating with their story. That is why we invest time upfront with our prospective clients to gain a good understanding of their business, their passion and their story. We discuss with them the challenges and issues that they are facing and the opportunities that may be open to them. We look at their critical business processes and their key competitors. We also spend time understanding what their business objectives and goals are and then we focus on their key requirements relating to the social interaction and their web presence.

Only when we have this detailed understanding can we really provide a meaningful (written) project proposal that aims to fuel their objectives and have the ability to grow and develop with their business. We listen and we learn to best apply our strategies and tests to consistently find the best outcomes.

the fish behind bluefish.

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

David Wood

Co- Founder and Director of Digital Strategy

Faith Zeller Wood

web designer

Bert Baez

Visual Design Specialist

Casey Lynch

sales specialist

Patrick Ramsey

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